Monday, September 2, 2013

Reflecting on this Labor Day....

I think I like this definition a little better.  Not that my childhood was horrible or anything.  Far from it!  But did you ever think about the way you were and wonder if your parents wanted to give you up for adoption?  LOL

I had an awesome visit with my parents yesterday.  I say that like they live hundreds of miles away.  Nope, only about 10 if that.  I should visit with them more often.  I enjoy our conversations and their wisdom and humor.  My Mom handed me a stack of "letters" that I wrote to them over the years.  My first thought was "you kept all these?!".  Then my second thought was "uh oh".  I do remember writing some of those letters as a teenager.  Need I say more?

I think to sum up "me" - I was the black sheep of the family so to speak.  I think this started as "tween" as they call it today.  I head butted everything they tried to do for me.  And "for" I mean for my well-being, my ethics, my spirituality etc..  Needless to say, reading some of those letters was very hard for me.  I could see I was trying to find myself and expressed my feelings at the time through the letters.  Hence why I like to write/blog/journal today.  Wish I did it more often.

Anyway, today I spent a lot of time reflecting back on my childhood.  I didn't just realize this, but I reminded myself again what my parents were trying to do back then.  And I can appreciate it now even though I didn't at the time.  I wrote them a letter today.  Yes, HAND wrote a letter.  I was going to email, then I was going to type it out.  Nope, decided to sit down and just let the words flow through my pen on to the paper.  I'm glad I did.  I'm thankful both my parents are still with me today.  Next month they will celebrate 50 (FIFTY!!!!) years of marriage.  This does not surprise me AT ALL!  They are strong in their faith, strong with their love for each other and I am so happy and proud to call them my parents.

Tell the ones you love how you feel NOW before they aren't here any longer and you wish you would have.

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