Sunday, February 17, 2013

Messages from another vibration

This is Pap Axe.  He is Scott's Grandfather (Scott's Mother's Father).   After reading this blog, you will understand why I have Pap's picture here.  Pap went "home" last Spring.  He suffered from dementia which ultimately ended his life (complications of).  He lived a full life of 94 years.
Those that know me well know that I believe that our loved ones never really "leave" us.  The said "Heaven" is really only about 3 feet above us.  On a different vibration.  I believe that people are able to communicate with our loved ones.  We have such a person locally here which I am very happy about.  Her name is Francine Milano and she is a Psychic Medium.  She was having a spirit circle gallery last night and I went with Scott, my daughter, and 3 other good friends.  There were 40 people there hoping to receive a message.
Not only did Francine deliver 40 messages, she touched on many things that rang true to me.  Hearing these things validates to me that this is what I choose to follow and believe.  One of the things that sticks out in my mind was her talking about religion, the bible etc..  What it all comes down to is what is working for you.  I personally have not found a "church" that I am comfortable in yet.  I am working on that as I find myself wanting to belong somewhere, but have not found that one yet. That will be for another blog sometime! My favorite author Sylvia Browne (and also a Psychic Medium) has a saying that I will always remember.  "Take what you want and leave the rest behind".
Francine stopped right at Scott and I.  My heart started pounding!  She delivered a message to us from Pap.  Saying he is "OK" now (of sound mind) and was ready to go.  She said he had some type of chest issues (the complication was fluid in his lungs) which ultimately he let go.  His wife was waiting for him.  Such a wonderful thing for Scott to hear. 
I think the strangest thing about the whole experience was today while at the mall picking up my "old lady glasses" we run in to Scott's Mom.  This is strange because there is no communication between Scott and his Mom.  In fact, we hadn't seen her or talked to her since Pap's funeral.  And yet we see her today and tell her about the message from Pap (her Father).  Coincidence?
I highly recommend Francine.  She was very gentle and kind. 
Have you had any experiences from beyond?  If so, share them!  I'd love to read them. 

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Bifocals?!?!?!! WHAT?!

Last week I went for my every 2 year check up for my eyes.  I take a medicine for my asthma that could affect my eyes in some way, so I go when the insurance allows me to.  I currently wear glasses when I am driving, but that is it.  I've noticed that while reading my Kindle or other work close up I was needing "readers" - yanno, like the ones you pick up at CVS for $9.99.  So that seemed to work for me.

The appointment did not really go too well.  I could tell while trying to read the letters on the wall in front of me (which I think somehow they moved it further away when I came in just to mess with me) that it was worse this time around.  She started flipping the lenses around.  "Is 1 or 2 better?" and so on.  It looked so much better but hated to admit it out loud!

Then she flips down a paper with paragraphs written REALLY small and they got a little bigger as they went down the page.  I'm sure you know where this is going.

The examination is finished and she flips the light on and proceeds to tell me she recommends bifocals.  WAIT, WHAT?  COME AGAIN??  NOOOOOOOOOO!  Now being someone who didn't grow up with any eye issues what-so-ever, this is not easy news to take.  So after thinking it over (about 1 minute) I decide I would rather have 2 pairs of glasses instead of wearing bifocals.  Yep, sure did. 

Just kidding......but for now I plan to try and get away with wearing the distance ones while I'm driving only and the readers for computer work and reading.  Wish me luck!

PS:  don't forget to sign up to receive emails when I update my blog!  And leave me comments!  I'd love to hear from nice.  LOL

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Customer Service-isms...

Oh the joy of working in the customer service field!  If you are currently employed in customer service you will know exactly what I am talking about. 

From the co worker that points out the obvious to start conversation ("oh wow, making copies, huh?" YOU THINK?!), to the people calling us with their strange antics, grumpy personalities and whatever else be wrong with them.  Luckily I work with very funny people, so usually we can let these things roll right off and laugh them off.  We are amused by the littlest things.  People's accents (and yes, if you are NOT from Pennsylvania, you sound like you have an accent to us), the strange things they ask, and don't forget the other people that work in the building who can be just as strange (and don't forget condescending)!

How about the person that calls and is requesting a part number for a product, you probably know it off the top of your head, so you may ask a few questions to be sure you are giving the correct part number.  You start rattling off the number and the person says "Oh wait...let me get a pen and paper".  Ok, now if you were calling for a part number, wouldn't you have that ready? 

A lot of the funny stuff happens after the call ends and we share amongst ourselves what might have just happened.  For instance, the other day, my co worker was talking with a person who works for the same company but in a different city (her name is "rude").  After the call my co worker says "Is this a truck stop, or WHAT??"  LOL In which I replied "Perhaps, because she answers her emails the same way she answers her phone".  Ay Ay Ay!

Then there is the type of person who will throw you under the bus.  These people we usually know about ahead of time and they are known as "bus pushers".   There are also people who will reply to emails (even management) and they do not use spell check.  This annoys me.  They also will not read the entire email they are responding to; therefore, will give some off the wall, misspelled reply that makes absolutely no sense.  These are known as "knee jerk" replies. 

So there is a Friday blog for you.  Just a little insight to the customer service world.  I'm sure I will touch on this some more in another blog since the list keeps growing.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What would they say?

I have a good friend that posted this on his Facebook status and I thought it was very interesting and thought provoking:

If the team from 60 minutes asked your family and friends to name the things most important to you, what would they say? What's the funniest thing? What would you hope they would say?

So interesting in fact, I thought I would write about it!  (Don't worry I asked him if he minded and he said of course not!) 

I think this would depend on "who" they asked.  If they asked my family what is important to me, they probably would say my dogs and foster dogs, my job, my love for music, my fitness and weight goals. 

Some of the things they might wonder about:  why I am so quiet sometimes, why I don't call more often, why I fell off the religion boat.  The funniest thing they would probably say about me is the stories I tell them about my dogs and my facial expressions. 

The things I hope they would say about me is that I am a caring, spiritual, have a big heart, good listener and like to help others.  And even though I did not follow my family on that religious boat, I am still a spiritual person, just in a different way!

NOW!  If you ask my friends (LOL) you might hear different things.  The number one thing my friends would say is important to me is ZUMBA!  I fell in love with ZUMBA and became an instructor.  I'm constantly talking about it.  They also know my love for music - all kinds of music.  From classical, top 40, Spanish, hip hop, classic rock, 80's and 90's, head bangin' - you name it.  My work friends would probably say I am "by the book" and try to give the best customer service even though we are limited to what we can do.

The funniest things they might say is how I always have a new bruise to show on my legs (especially in the summer), I like wine, how I have two left feet sometimes and stumble (yes, even in ZUMBA class, I just keep moving and pretend it was part of the choreography!), how sarcastic I can be and add alcohol to any of these things and it just becomes a production!  :)

The things I hope they would say about me is that I am a loyal friend, one who cares about all of them in different ways.  I am a Capricorn - it's just embedded in me, I can't help it! 

So how about YOU?!?  This really made me think long and hard about myself.  What would people say about YOU?

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First blog!

So here is my first "blog".  I think I am really a writer at heart, but never really did anything with it.  I thought about writing a book but then decided to try this blog thing first and see how that goes.  Just the choice alone of which blog to go with was stressful enough.  Sometimes I have a lot to say and other times, not so much.  I like to write about my work, weight loss, my ZUMBA instructor adventures, and my personal views on things such as spirituality etc.  Some blogs may be funny things that happen through out my day, or just needing to vent.  Other times might be just about things that make me happy and feel good.

And there you have it!  The first one.  Interesting, huh?  LOL  More to come....

Live ~ Laugh ~ Love