Friday, December 13, 2013

How music affects me (us)....

I had a vacation day from work today.  So I decided to get my grocery shopping done today instead of tomorrow.  We're supposedly getting 4-6 inches of snow, so I imagine tomorrow will be a nightmare at the store.  (what IS up with that?!?)

Came home and baked some zucchini bread (My Mom's recipe YUM!)  The best part of being home alone is blasting music.  Isn't that the greatest thing EVER?  We all have different tastes in music so being alone let's me just "be" who I am.  I listen to a play list I made...with all my favorite songs on it.  And I love it!

That got me thinking while busy in the kitchen about music and how it affects us.  Having Ministers of Music for parents I learned to love all kinds of music growing up.  I thank my parents for my love of all kinds.

I like classical, easy listening, country, pop, and if you know me, you know my soft spot is hard rock.  That's what I prefer, but do listen to everything.  Sometimes on my lunch break, I'll put in my ear buds and go to my Amazon cloud player and just jam away my stress.  It makes me feel better.  There are words to songs that I hear that seem to tell my life story and I think they are singing directly to me.  Then there are those words that say exactly what you would say to another person, or describe how you are feeling toward that person.

A perfect example is Scott Stapp's new album "Proof of Life".  Every song he wrote is from his heart.  You can hear him going through life stuff and it reaches out to people of all kinds.  Check it out, it's a great CD.

I couldn't live with out music.  I would not function!

How does music affect you?

Rock on!

PS - I did the music staff picture at the top - I might start sharing some of my drawings...maybe.  Be kind if you comment.  :-)

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