Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What would they say?

I have a good friend that posted this on his Facebook status and I thought it was very interesting and thought provoking:

If the team from 60 minutes asked your family and friends to name the things most important to you, what would they say? What's the funniest thing? What would you hope they would say?

So interesting in fact, I thought I would write about it!  (Don't worry I asked him if he minded and he said of course not!) 

I think this would depend on "who" they asked.  If they asked my family what is important to me, they probably would say my dogs and foster dogs, my job, my love for music, my fitness and weight goals. 

Some of the things they might wonder about:  why I am so quiet sometimes, why I don't call more often, why I fell off the religion boat.  The funniest thing they would probably say about me is the stories I tell them about my dogs and my facial expressions. 

The things I hope they would say about me is that I am a caring, spiritual, have a big heart, good listener and like to help others.  And even though I did not follow my family on that religious boat, I am still a spiritual person, just in a different way!

NOW!  If you ask my friends (LOL) you might hear different things.  The number one thing my friends would say is important to me is ZUMBA!  I fell in love with ZUMBA and became an instructor.  I'm constantly talking about it.  They also know my love for music - all kinds of music.  From classical, top 40, Spanish, hip hop, classic rock, 80's and 90's, head bangin' - you name it.  My work friends would probably say I am "by the book" and try to give the best customer service even though we are limited to what we can do.

The funniest things they might say is how I always have a new bruise to show on my legs (especially in the summer), I like wine, how I have two left feet sometimes and stumble (yes, even in ZUMBA class, I just keep moving and pretend it was part of the choreography!), how sarcastic I can be and add alcohol to any of these things and it just becomes a production!  :)

The things I hope they would say about me is that I am a loyal friend, one who cares about all of them in different ways.  I am a Capricorn - it's just embedded in me, I can't help it! 

So how about YOU?!?  This really made me think long and hard about myself.  What would people say about YOU?

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