Sunday, February 17, 2013

Messages from another vibration

This is Pap Axe.  He is Scott's Grandfather (Scott's Mother's Father).   After reading this blog, you will understand why I have Pap's picture here.  Pap went "home" last Spring.  He suffered from dementia which ultimately ended his life (complications of).  He lived a full life of 94 years.
Those that know me well know that I believe that our loved ones never really "leave" us.  The said "Heaven" is really only about 3 feet above us.  On a different vibration.  I believe that people are able to communicate with our loved ones.  We have such a person locally here which I am very happy about.  Her name is Francine Milano and she is a Psychic Medium.  She was having a spirit circle gallery last night and I went with Scott, my daughter, and 3 other good friends.  There were 40 people there hoping to receive a message.
Not only did Francine deliver 40 messages, she touched on many things that rang true to me.  Hearing these things validates to me that this is what I choose to follow and believe.  One of the things that sticks out in my mind was her talking about religion, the bible etc..  What it all comes down to is what is working for you.  I personally have not found a "church" that I am comfortable in yet.  I am working on that as I find myself wanting to belong somewhere, but have not found that one yet. That will be for another blog sometime! My favorite author Sylvia Browne (and also a Psychic Medium) has a saying that I will always remember.  "Take what you want and leave the rest behind".
Francine stopped right at Scott and I.  My heart started pounding!  She delivered a message to us from Pap.  Saying he is "OK" now (of sound mind) and was ready to go.  She said he had some type of chest issues (the complication was fluid in his lungs) which ultimately he let go.  His wife was waiting for him.  Such a wonderful thing for Scott to hear. 
I think the strangest thing about the whole experience was today while at the mall picking up my "old lady glasses" we run in to Scott's Mom.  This is strange because there is no communication between Scott and his Mom.  In fact, we hadn't seen her or talked to her since Pap's funeral.  And yet we see her today and tell her about the message from Pap (her Father).  Coincidence?
I highly recommend Francine.  She was very gentle and kind. 
Have you had any experiences from beyond?  If so, share them!  I'd love to read them. 

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