Friday, February 15, 2013

Customer Service-isms...

Oh the joy of working in the customer service field!  If you are currently employed in customer service you will know exactly what I am talking about. 

From the co worker that points out the obvious to start conversation ("oh wow, making copies, huh?" YOU THINK?!), to the people calling us with their strange antics, grumpy personalities and whatever else be wrong with them.  Luckily I work with very funny people, so usually we can let these things roll right off and laugh them off.  We are amused by the littlest things.  People's accents (and yes, if you are NOT from Pennsylvania, you sound like you have an accent to us), the strange things they ask, and don't forget the other people that work in the building who can be just as strange (and don't forget condescending)!

How about the person that calls and is requesting a part number for a product, you probably know it off the top of your head, so you may ask a few questions to be sure you are giving the correct part number.  You start rattling off the number and the person says "Oh wait...let me get a pen and paper".  Ok, now if you were calling for a part number, wouldn't you have that ready? 

A lot of the funny stuff happens after the call ends and we share amongst ourselves what might have just happened.  For instance, the other day, my co worker was talking with a person who works for the same company but in a different city (her name is "rude").  After the call my co worker says "Is this a truck stop, or WHAT??"  LOL In which I replied "Perhaps, because she answers her emails the same way she answers her phone".  Ay Ay Ay!

Then there is the type of person who will throw you under the bus.  These people we usually know about ahead of time and they are known as "bus pushers".   There are also people who will reply to emails (even management) and they do not use spell check.  This annoys me.  They also will not read the entire email they are responding to; therefore, will give some off the wall, misspelled reply that makes absolutely no sense.  These are known as "knee jerk" replies. 

So there is a Friday blog for you.  Just a little insight to the customer service world.  I'm sure I will touch on this some more in another blog since the list keeps growing.

Have a nice weekend everyone!



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